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Vintage Traditional Santo Domingo Heishi Beaded Necklace

Vintage Traditional Santo Domingo Heishi Beaded Necklace

The pueblo of Santo Domingo, named for St. Dominic, is famous for Native American turquoise jewelry, especially turquoise necklaces, the heishi beads, drilled and ground shell beads of which can be finely cut to hair strand lengths if so desired. Mosaic inlaid pieces are another traditional form of Santo Domingo jewelry, often featuring turquoise on a shell base. The people have a distinguished history of jewelry making. Many collectors around the world prize the jewelry of Santo Domingo for its clean, modern look. In truth, the jewelry produced at Santo Domingo today is very similar to that produced in the Anasazi Pueblos a thousand years ago.

The pueblo "... is admired for clinging strongly to its traditions. Its pride, conservatism, and relatively large size, have produced a solid core (of traditionalists) committed to maintaining (the old) ceremonies and beliefs." They are admired for their traditional bead jewelry and turquoise bead jewelry. Santo Domingo Beads are highly esteemed and made in the traditional ways of the Anasazi.

Santo Domingo Pueblo is named for St. Dominic, and the village celebrates an annual feast day on August 4th of each year to honor him. On that day, more than 2,000 residents of the Pueblo and of other pueblos participate in traditional corn dances.

This necklace measures 16" in length although 32" total and has 12 strands of beads.
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