Our Story

Carla Weber came into this world, in Mexico City, as Frida Kahlo breathed her last sigh. Her father was an up and coming Mexican screen idol who collaborated with various Mexican luminaries such as El Indio (Emilio Fernandez), Gabriel Figueroa, Maria Felix and Cantinflas.

During this period, Mexico City was well known for harboring a multitude of US expats and was a bohemian atmosphere punctuated by the likes of Diego Rivera, Rosa Covarubbias, and Luis Bunel. It was a fertile time to absorb the nuances of multicultural influences. Weber’s father eventually moved the family to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, and a shift in culture was inserted into the dynamics of the wonder years.

Some of these influences were good and many of them were questionable. Nevertheless, photography, film and art had already embedded themselves into the matrix of Carla's DNA, creating a foundation that was hard to shake. The result was an interest in too many things, luscious and aesthetically intoxicating to the eye. She has shaped this amalgamation of eclectic visual feasts into hunter gatherer, layering artifacts into an inviting, textured warehouse to experience and explore!

We have some wonderful suppliers from as far away as the Silk Road, the narrow alleys and byways of India and the highlands of South America. Our items come by us in strange ways.

We cannot say or anticipate how we find our treasures, but rest assured we are always on the hunt for the unusual, the strange and the exotic so keep checking back to see our revolving gallery.