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Vintage Raymond Nott Pastel Landscape

Vintage Raymond Nott Pastel Landscape

Raymond Nott

Raymond Nott was raised in Black Hills, Missouri where he lived with his single mother.  Nott attended military school and joined the Navy at the onset of WW I.  Nott went to New York where his mother ran a weaving school and he studied at the AIC.  After the war he landed in San Diego and came up to Los Angeles where he resumed his painting and developed a relationship with Bernay Gallery.  He excelled in painting and pastels.

The majority of his work is landscapes, predominantly mountains and costal although he was able to exemplify California Spanish architecture with a serene tenderness that is not often seen.  Nott also did still life’s, which are more rare.

A stunning pastel, possibly in the Sierra’s, that showcases Nott’s skills with pastels, amplifying the light that falls across the the mountains.  Nott’s sensitivity to to the delicacy of the cool lavender light entices one into reflective submission.  And the sky, just gorgeous.

Beautifully mounted within thick textured matt board and encased in its original frame, 3’ wide in a satin back wood with just a couple nicks on the frame cementing it’s prestige in vintage, if not downright antique.  


Measurement are 32" in height, 35 1/2" wide, frame included.

Measurements are 18" in height, 23 1/4" wide., sans frame.


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