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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Mexican Movie Poster “Immaculada” Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

Vintage Mexican Movie Poster “Immaculada” Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

A framed, vintage Mexican film poster, from the golden age of Mexican films, 1950.

The graphics of this particular one stands out dramatically. The colors, blue and pale yellow incorporated into the type, is executed with flair and style. The actor, Eduardo Noriega, sipping from a cup while sitting in a wheel chair, is clearly reflecting on his past. The past looms in front of him, the face of a beautiful woman who still haunts his thoughts while playing a violin. We almost don’t have to see the film to recognize the melodrama of sorrow and disappointment hovering in the shadows...

The poster has a small tare that rubs about 8 inches, perpendicularly through the bottom of the wheel chair. Barely noticeable unless your looking for it, never the less there. The price has been adjusted because of that.

Measurements are 35 1/2" in height by 25 1/2" in width.
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