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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Mexican José Clemente Orozco Litho 1956

Vintage Mexican José Clemente Orozco Litho 1956

One of my favorite Mexican artists, José Clemente Orozco, was a complex artist prone to tackling the dark side of life.

Of "Los tres grandes" (The Three Greats) of the Mexican Muralists, José Clemente Orozco, notoriously introverted and pessimistic, is in many ways the least revered. One possible explanation for that is that, unlike his colleagues, David Siqueiros and Diego Rivera, Orozco openly criticized both the Mexican Revolution and the post-Revolution government. What was perceived as standoffishness was, by all accounts, the profound despair of a person who felt deeply for others.

Orozco’s murals (he was also a cartoonist) tend to lean towards not only dramatic but also emotional responses to the human condition.
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