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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Kuchi Rabari Banjara Beaded Embroidery Wall Valance

Vintage Kuchi Rabari Banjara Beaded Embroidery Wall Valance

An exquisite pair of vintage beaded/embroidered door valance or trim. Complex work of this type is called 'Moti Bharat'. The beaded examples are from Sairashtra,which are based on rituals and plays an important role in the life of women.

These two pieces are in good condition, all considering their age. Beware, anything vintage is not perfect, therefore there are a few a beads missing. These imperfections add to the authentic, vintage quality of a dying art.

The bead work of this type originated in India, somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century. It was the exclusive art of cobblers back then, but later women from other community too become masters in this art. The art became one of the popular documents that depicted the life style, customs, and tradition of its creators. Moti Bharat is predominant in the Jalor district of Rahasthan.

The pieces measure 24 inches wide by 8 1/2 in length at it's longest piece....
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