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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Japanese Porcelain or China Miniature Dolls

Vintage Japanese Porcelain or China Miniature Dolls

These four dolls, 2 larger and 2 smaller, were rescued from a hoarders house in the bowels of Orange county. In an old plastic box filled with handmade clothing, they appeared to create a family. One of the large dolls was dressed in pants and a blouse while the other was dressed in a red and white checkered dress. One of the smaller dolls comes without arms, alas. Stilted, she still offers much - mystery, history and massive charm!

Popular in the 1800s, the first dolls were made from a material known as china, and originated in Germany and France. noted because of their regional costumes. Porcelain dolls were created to look like the women of the time. Since the hair was part of the china mold, it was flat on the top with big sausage-like curls in the back. Their hands and feet were made from china as well, and each foot was intricately painted with stockings or boots.

These dolls appear to have been made sometime in the 1920's - 1930's, their hair styles revealing the classic bob of the time. Only one of the dolls has been stamped, Made in Japan. Either bisque or china, the faces were conservatively painted and the hair were undoubtedly painted yellow to resemble the concept of the anglo-saxon child.

-Bigger dolls
~head to toe= 4.5 inches
~hand to hand= 2 inches
-Smaller dolls
~head to toe= 3.75 inches
~hand to hand= 2 inches

The costumes are all varied, hand sewn and one of a kind, although perhaps a bit tattered.
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