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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Handwoven Tapestry Cluster of Tulips Made in Peru

Vintage Handwoven Tapestry Cluster of Tulips Made in Peru

This large, stunning tapestry was made sometime during the 1960s or 1970s. Tightly woven in a soft beige wool, the flowers, tulips, are clustered together with a mix of different shades of blue leaves, teal blue, navy and royal blue, reaching upwards bursting with a variety of delicately colored flowers as well as vibrant red flowers.

Because it’s large, it works on a lot of levels that would not have had, had it been smaller.

As seen in so many tapestries and textiles from around the world, this has discreet black initials woven into the tapestry, clearly the artist who made it. Wish we knew this persons name. Never the less, I’ve seen this done all over the world including China, India, Poland (which is where I thought it originated) and even Mexico.

The last photograph I’ve posted is with my daughter, so that scale and size can be seen more clearly rather than imagined!

Just cleaned and ready to be hung.

Measurements 64” high by 52” wide.
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