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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Female Nude circa 1940s

Vintage Female Nude circa 1940s

Rarely do I find artwork with such a fantastic frame! Gold gilded inner frame detail with a substantial rustic wood frame. Enough about the frame!

A woman who could be Asian, mixed, South American, hard to tell. Sits, slightly slumped with a maroonish skirt covering her legsbg. She gazes to her left, lost in contemplation - we, the viewer never to know where her mind wandered. It reminds me of something that would have been painted at the Art Students League that still remains, situated on 57th street in the heart of Manhattan today.

It’s not signed but an old sticker from Christie’s remains on the back of the frame.

Measurements for the frame are 24 1/4" high by 20 1/4 wide. 2 1/2" in depth. The painting is 15 3/4" high by 11 1/4" wide.

The frame is heavy, beautiful and adds to the literal weight of the piece. Hence the shipping price.
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