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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Anne Frank Art Work by Morris Broderson 1970

Vintage Anne Frank Art Work by Morris Broderson 1970

A haunting piece even before I realized it was Anne Frank. It appears to be either a litho print, painted over with paint and pastel. I’ve just acquired it so some investigation needs to be done immanently. Given to Ruth and Carl in 1970 and signed by the artist, Morris Broderman.

Born in 1928, in Los Angeles, California, Morris Broderson studied at the Pasadena Art Museum, University of California at Los Angeles and University of Southern California. Broderson’s childhood was spent in a series of schools for the deaf, and in time he learned to read lips and to talk, though he most often resorted to scribbling out his thoughts on the big yellow pad he always carried with him.

Broderson lived by himself in a small rented house in Los Angeles. Once a race-track janitor, he eventually began his art career showing at formidable institutions including The Whitney Museum and

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