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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage 3D Virgin of Guadelupe Assemblage Mixes Media Retablo Alter Shrine

Vintage 3D Virgin of Guadelupe Assemblage Mixes Media Retablo Alter Shrine

This phenomenal Virgin of Guadalupe was made by a man (when exactly I cannot say although it was at least 30-45 years ago) here in Los Angeles who was an extraordinary collector and artist. He lived to the ripe age of 106 years and during that time had traveled and collected and created a vast artistic legacy. Although he hadn't had shows in galleries or any venues that I could determine, his capacity to work in various mediums was profound.

The house was a labyrinth of exotic rooms that had an old world European flavor. The garden was a wild and magical creation with striking plants, sculptures and wooden pillars that created a Shangri-La like sensibility. I was enchanted as I walked around and felt the love, eccentricity and curiousness of this man. He had a studio (actually 2) with a multitude of flat files and drawers filled with color plates, drawings and ribbons, fabric and other essential materials for his wild creations.

I was drawn to three pieces although there were so many pieces (including paintings and drawings) that were too beautiful! This one, the Virgin of Guadalupe, is operatic in style. The fine glass beads that hang like a curtain are wonderful. The blue pillars are carefully, hand painted to resemble marble and the three dimensional aspect is just incredible! On the back side another Madonna for a different mood.

More info coming soon.

It stands 19 1/4" tall while the width is 10 1/2". 1 1/4" in depth.
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