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Hunter Gatherer

Traditional Kalamkari Cloth Painting

Traditional Kalamkari Cloth Painting

This traditional kalamkari captures a festival, perhaps the arrival of a royal court or a parade during the night time, with stars placed with care along with a large yellow full moon. When one looks at it, the flowers that dot the dark bushes seem like a continuation of the dark sky that shine with stars.

This piece has quite a lot of character to go along with the details of the night, starting with the lead elephant who seems to be loving the attention, trunk raised with his more collected brethren following close behind. Each person has a unique face, and while they all are enjoying the festivities, they are nuanced in their expression. With roses in hand, the female troupe lays a carpet of petals that lead to the palace in the distance. One detail I particularly love are the flowers that peacefully float on the river in beautiful shades of pink and red.

This large work measures 64 inches long and 44 inches wide and is a versatile piece that would look great as both a couch throw or as a wall hanging. Kalamkaris traditionally use natural dyes which show in the muted tones of the clothing of the participants and elephants and the points of natural vibrancy found in the flowers and stars.
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