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Hunter Gatherer

The Prophecy II Dick Swift Color Etching

The Prophecy II Dick Swift Color Etching

This fascinating work of art is a color etching by the artist Dick Swift, as signed in the bottom righthand corner. This piece is entitled “The Prophecy II” and features religious imagery. The artist says he was inspired by Western religion, contrary to many of his peers at the time who were influenced by Eastern ideas. Furthermore, he describes himself as someone who no longer subscribes to any one religion, despite being baptized Roman Catholic. Swift is an incredibly interesting artist as well as a very talented one. It is clear that he is a master of his craft, as each color of the etching is distinguishable—a feat that is quite difficult to achieve using viscosity printing. Each multicolored vignette features a different image; most depict creatures, one depicts Hebrew writing, one depicts a humanoid entity. The piece seems to be up to interpretation, and no matter what you come up with, it will surely be something interesting.

In very good condition, with yellowing on the edges. It it's original plexiglass frame, with wood backing.

30” x 20.5”
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