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Silk Japanese Crane and Wave Textile

Silk Japanese Crane and Wave Textile

"Nami ni tsuru" is a famous Edo period painting done by Ando Hiroshige, and it translates to "crane and waves". The painting is in the style of the Ukiyo-e genre of Japanese art, the same genre as the famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa". "Nami ni tsuru" is a distinct work of art that exemplifies the style of Japanese art and culture during the period. This textile contains two of the most prominent symbols in Hiroshige's painting, the crane and the wave, and it would be an impressive way to replicate this painting in a different form.

Cranes and waves are two key symbols of Japanese culture and art. The Japanese refer to the crane as the bird of happiness, and it represents good fortune and longevity. As an archipelago, waves have become a popular symbol and continue to be used in Japanese art and culture today. The way the crane and the wave are used together in the textile, along with the colors and fabric used help to create an aura of serenity while also giving off a sense of fortuity.

The textile does have a tear at the end that we have left on, in case the customer decides they would like to do something with that piece.

12.5ft x 1ft
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