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Hunter Gatherer

Outsider Art Man of Wood

Outsider Art Man of Wood

Outsider Art is an expression, a form of communication that needs to find a way to come out. It's instinctive, it's random, it's without reason.  The art world is often one of exclusivity, making it challenging to break into without money, specialized education, and training. Outsider art is done without constrictions, it relies on need, objects, materials, spit and glue and a wayward eye.

Despite my own training, my heart gravitates to the wild at heart.  I comprehend something undefinable and I'm okay with that.  

This piece was hanging at a friends house by the pool, I've been yearning it for awhile.  I feel lucky to be it's caretaker until it makes its way to its new home.

Measurements are 45" in length, by 16" wide, from arm to arm.

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