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Olga Blinder Paraguayan Artist / Woodcut

Olga Blinder Paraguayan Artist / Woodcut

Born in Paraguay in 1921, of Jewish descent, Blinder lived during a fractious epoch with much political upheaval. Blinder lived through the Chaco WarWorld War II, the 1947 Paraguayan Civil War, in addition to Paraguay's coup d'états in 1954 and 1989.  All this upheaval seriously influenced her view of the world and of society. At university she studied engineering and pedagogy at the Paraguay Atheneum. Never the less, despite or perhaps inspired by the academic influences of her young life, she was drawn to the arts and embraced teaching as a professor focusing on humanity, society and art.  

Very influential in the cultural life of Paraguay, Blinder was ensconced in the burgeoning art world of Mid Century South American Art.  Working constantly, exploring paint, woodcut and drawing she was able to have a substantial output during the years she also taught.

This particular piece struck me because it was etched with tired humanity.  Actually a print from a woodblock (she painted, printed and engraved), it captures the drama of simply living in difficult times.

This piece measures measures 35 1/2" wide by 20" in height.  In good condition with a few indications of wear, confirming it's vintage status!


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