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Hunter Gatherer

Injiri / Johdpur 17 / Large

Injiri / Johdpur 17 / Large


For those looking for a subtle statement piece, Injiri is it.  Made by hand from craftspeople all around India, not mass produced, it stands unique.

Injiri, meaning “real India”, historically stands for “real Madras checkered textiles” which were exported to West Africa back in the 18th century.

Injiri believes in the beauty of hand-weaving processes. Injiri as a brand is more about story-telling, the end point is reflective of the journey of many processes. We make clothing for women and textiles for home. The brand focus is on textile development and sustainable usage of materials.

100% handwoven cotton with handmade button holes, and pockets, of course!

We at hunter gatherer love how beautifully made these clothes are. They are easy to wear and the feel of cotton is exquisite. All our dresses have pockets, of course!

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