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Holytex Black, Red, Yellow and Blue Wool Blanket from Wales

Holytex Black, Red, Yellow and Blue Wool Blanket from Wales

I've had this for years and loved it, cherished it and used it, although not as often as I would have liked! I live in a warehouse but this is Southern California, after all! It's sumptuous, yummy and heavy ~ it's the real deal. And still in perfect condition, these photos don't do it justice. The brand states Holytex, one of the oldest textile mills in Wales. Undoubtedly woven in the 40's or 50's, the pattern was originated by designer, Ann Sutton who reworked this pattern with a variety of wonderful colors. Bright jewelled colors of Ruby Red, Bright Blue, Orange and Yellow against a Black ground. Mixes of wool yarns creating tonal variations, more predominant on the reverse.

An heirloom piece in fabulous condition. Finished with fringes on two sides & black blanket stitched warp ends. Many of these North Wales patterns originated from returning Colonial migrants & similar designs were found in draft books for every British Colony of the period & 50 years prior: Australia, Canada, North America & all over mainland Europe, particularly Germany & Scandanavia. Tracing the journeys of 19th century migrants, many of whom returned in the first quarter of the Twentieth Century.

Because of the nature of vintage textiles they may have some marks, stains or fraying. One of the wonderful aspects of vintage textiles is their one of a kind, unique looks. This quality is what guarantees the vintage authenticity of the piece. Never the less, make sure you please enlarge the pictures before purchasing.

The measurements are 8'10" by 8' or 106" by 96"....
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