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Hunter Gatherer

Haitian Metal Noah’s Ark

Haitian Metal Noah’s Ark

Haitian metal art began by the resourcefulness of Haitians who saw the possibilities from discarded oil drums. An inexpensive way to access raw material that was easily available, the power to create and envision life as it was and is in Haiti began!

Many of these metal pieces depict powerful voodoo spirits while other pieces amplify Bible stories and, of course, country life.

Haitian metal art has been attributed to a railway mechanic, George Liataud, who returned to his small village, Croix des Bouquets in Haiti, to return to his family and friends. Sadly many of them had already passed and to honor them he began carving metal. Thus began a journey that began to expand his artistic endeavors.

This piece was not made by Liataud although it certainly has a wonderful and elaborate stylistic sensibility and would look wonderful anywhere in the home or garden. The patina is real and in my opinion, perfect!

Measurements are 34" in height by 17 1/2" wide.
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