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Hunter Gatherer

Fly and Flyswatter by James J. Montagano, M.D.

Fly and Flyswatter by James J. Montagano, M.D.

Such an interesting painting. It's a fly on the upper left hand corner, and as you step back you will eventually notice a flyswatter on the lower right... sort of as it appears to be the shadow of a flyswatter! The painting has a few layers of off white oil paint. The white is saturated with subtle whispers of color, barely noticeable. The fly is pronounced, delicate, it’s transparent wings ready to take flight. The flyswatter is a shadow of the real thing, a suggestion in pale blues, ready to swat. The painting itself seems to float within the simple black frame, making a statement while enjoying the humor.

Painted by James J. Montagano who was or maybe still is, an M.D., a surgeon to be exact, as well as a violinist and artist. Apparently he was self-taught, never ever had an art lesson, as stated on the back of the painting. I've looked his name up and low and behold, there are three Montagano's listed as doctors! So as to which one is the artist and violinist is still to be determined!

Either way artist and purchaser had to have had a wacky sense of humor. I know I do too!

It was purchased by John J. Kennedy in 2021 who had served nearly 10 years on the Pasadena City Council and was very interested in art as it related to African American history.

More info coming including the measurements are 19” in height by 15” wide. Not quite 2” in depth.
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