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Elena Solow Blue Jaguar Mexican Earrings

Elena Solow Blue Jaguar Mexican Earrings

An extraordinary pair of Sterling Silver with tons of sparkle, purple iridescent beads, and pearly dewdrops drop (if you will) create another vintage style design that helps make Blue Jaguar, Elena Solow's line, so consistently wonderful!

Ms. Solow is an American designer that originally harks from Oklahoma where her interest in Native American Art and jewelry began. Solow started collecting pre-Colombian indigenous Mexican and Colonial jewelry on her first trip to Mexico many moons ago. Inspired by the classical historical beauty, Solow began to work with various silversmiths creating a vast selection of what is now heirloom jewelry that is dazzling in its nod to the past and its commitment to craftsmanship and beauty.

I have been collecting her earrings for over 31 years. Without fail when I wear her earrings, now I must have 20 pairs, I receive a bevy of compliments. My daughter, now 25 years of age, has started wearing my, now vintage earrings too! The tradition continues!

They measure 2 (L) x .75 (W) inches and are beautifully light and elegant.
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