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Hunter Gatherer

Auguste Renoir -Femme Nue Couchee Print

Auguste Renoir -Femme Nue Couchee Print

This is a rare chance to own something by the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Nude woman reclining, facing right "Femme nue couchee (tournee a droite)".

Renoir's paintings are notable for their vibrant light and saturated color, often focusing on people in intimate and candid configurations. Renoir's forte were women and many of them were nude, reclining, in evocative poses. In characteristic Impressionist style, Renoir suggested the details of a scene through freely brushed touches of color, so that his figures softly fuse with one another and their surroundings. You can see that in this etching, just with the looseness of the lines.

As a group, the Impressionists made very few etchings. In Renoir's case, there are a total of twenty-five only and were for the most part not published in suites or portfolios, but commissioned by friends or publishers. He made two plates of reclining young women in 1906 and one of a woman bathing, which were subsequently published in Paris by Floury and in Berlin by Bruno Cassirer.

Alas, this print is not numbered, dated or signed, (hence the price) never the less, it is authentic!

This piece measures 8.75" by 6.5" and 17" x 19" including the frame
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