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Hunter Gatherer

Antique African Handmade Fetish Doll

Antique African Handmade Fetish Doll

An unusual and stunning fetish from Africa although, at the moment, I’m not sure from where. Made from iron railroad spikes, cloth, mud and string - this is both a specific fetish, folk art and an expression in its most primal form.

Fetish figures were believed to have magical powers or that excessive devotion was paid to them. This is, sadly, a Colonial construct that evolved from a condescending misinterpretation of African civilisation. Constructed by the priests and shamans of the tribe to help their “clients” manage a wide variety of issues, theft, illness and so forth, the figures, or the nkisi, were used in ceremonies to either diffuse energy or amplify luck, devotion or good health.

We don’t know much about it at present but we will be researching until we can hopefully determine its origin. In the meantime, it can be appreciated for its authentic and tribal vibrations.

Measurements coming soon!
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