Vintage Wooden Winding Spinning Charkha Wheel

Vintage Wooden Winding Spinning Charkha Wheel


I was told it was a spool winding machine but I'm not even sure that's an accurate assessment of what this is. I have no idea where it's from or how old it is. I just thought it was beautiful in an old, mechanical way.... and since I've been gathering a wide assortment of vintage textiles, it just seemed appropriate. It's beautiful, either way!

After further investigation and that's the best part of my job, I've discovered that this is a spring wheel! I thought so but where and how? Spinning wheels were first created in India although China and the Islamic world were beginning to also use wheels to spin. The tabletop and floor charkha is one of the oldest known forms of the spinning wheel. The charkha works similarly to the great wheel, with a drive wheel being turned by hand, while the yarn is spun off the tip of the spindle. 

The charkha was the physical embodiment and symbol of Gandhi's constructive program. It represents Swadeshi, self-sufficiency, and at the same time interdependence, because the wheel is at the center of a network of cotton growers, carders, weavers, distributors, and users. 

I cannot guarantee where this spinning wheel is from although from the research (and I've included some pictures I found on the web) it appears this one is from India or thereabouts.

Dimensions: Wheel is 15.5" diameter. Space between wheel is 4". Length between "spool holder" and interior of wheel is 26".
17" wide x 18" height x 36"diameter

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