Vintage Robert Larin Rare Vintage Runway Necklace

Vintage Robert Larin Rare Vintage Runway Necklace


Vintage from the 1970s

Material: Pewter

A unique and dramatic piece of jewelry created by the one and only Robert Larin. Larin was a Canadian designer from Montreal, who was passionate about working with pewter and other metals. This piece is from the 1970s and has his first and last name stamped in longhand on the back of the bottom of the circular pattern of the necklace .

The necklace contains a series of rhythmic patterns that softly echoes the modernistic style of the Brutalist movement from the mid-century. It's length hangs comfortably below the chest area. This gorgeous piece makes a wonderful statement, commanding attention with it's lustrous patina.

In excellent conditions!

Necklace Dimensions:

-just over 17 inches around the neck
-pendants hanging down: 5 and ¼, width 2 inches each

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