Vintage Robert Larin Panel Bracelet

Vintage Robert Larin Panel Bracelet


Vintage from the 1970s

Material: Pewter

This unique piece of jewelry was created by the one and only Robert Larin. Robert Larin was a Canadian Montreal designer who was passionate about working with pewter and other metals. This piece is from the 1970s and has his first and last name stamped on the back of the bracelet to make it very special.

This outstanding panel bracelet serves quite the look! It is made out of silver/pewter all throughout. The bracelet has an intricate look to it that makes it perfect for anyone to wear. The bracelet wears comfortable around the wrist and is ideal for someone with a smaller wrist. Within each panel it has a design made out of lines and circles. The clasp is a box clasp which makes it easy to attach and detach. It is shiny and serves for any purpose or event.

The item is in great conditions!


Left to right: 7 and ⅛ inches with clasp
Top and bottom (panel): 3/8 inches high x 3/4 inches wide.

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