Vintage Mexican Paper Mache Handpainted Dove

Vintage Mexican Paper Mache Handpainted Dove


Vintage from the 1960s

This is a stunning, vintage paper mâché dove made in Mexico during the early 1960's.  
Although paper mâché was originally invented in China, the Spaniards, via France, brought the technique to Mexico during the early 1600's. Cartoneros were paper mâché crafters who created a wide range of sculptures using the tradition of paste made by soaking paper in a mixture of water and flour. 

An incredible tradition developed, with whole families creating what amounted to stunning pieces of art for religious ceremonies, birthday parties, day of the dead - and other festivities.

This wonderous piece of art measures 35" length of the dove, 14 1/2 in width and 20" in height. Sized next to a cute easter egg. 

It it signed Sel- Mel, Tonala Jal, Mexico.

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