Vintage Mexican Clay Female Figure Hand Painted

Vintage Mexican Clay Female Figure Hand Painted


This captivating Mexican woman made of clay, most likely from Oaxaca, stands tall and regal at 32" in height!  

Pottery was used in the Americas over 4500 years ago and became an indispensable part of the social order. Thankfully it survived colonization by the Spaniards, who introduced other methods of firing, the potters wheel, an enclosed kiln and distinctive characteristics developed all over the continent. In Mexico, the varied styles were distinctive depending on the region. At present, we are researching this piece and we'll have more information within the week. The only marking we can find (alas it is not signed but that doesn't mean it's not "authentic") is pictured on the last photo, 1031.

32" in height with the diameter (at the bottom of the skirt) being 10".

The piece will be carefully packed and double boxed.

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