Vintage Indian Kantha Quit Textile

Vintage Indian Kantha Quit Textile


Each Kantha is unique and manages, with the fabric, to appeal to all the moods that run through you during the course of the day. Feeling happy and joyous? There's the spectacular, golden, aqua and magenta flowers to reflect your disposition. Feeling exotic and faraway? There's the orange and cream graphic design to mirror your sophisticated visual palette. You've got a little bit of a bold, post modern vibe percolating and there's a quarter of fabric that's been hand stitched to match that! No two kantha throws, quilts, blankie's are alike. Not even a little bit.

The Kantha is an age old Bengali tradition that can be traced back 500 years. The beautiful blankets originated as the rags of worn cloth but have been repurposed into something functional and lovely. The story of the Kantha is based on the thrift of the Bengali women and their ability to weave stories and love into these blankets that have been worked on by many generations of women. 

The Kantha is beautiful, practical, and filled with the richness of stories passed down from generation to generation, not much unlike the tradition of making the Kantha. These pieces reflect the tradition of age old craft and its ability to connect and keep generations through out time warm and protected. 

Because of the nature of vintage textiles they may have some marks, stains or fraying. One of the wonderful aspects of vintage textiles is their one of a kind, unique looks. This quality is what guarantees the vintage authenticity of the piece. Never the less, make sure you please enlarge the pictures before purchasing.

This Kantha measures:
78in in length 
48in in width
and is substantially thicker than the other kantha's...

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