Vintage Haori Unisex Short Black Silk Kimono Jacket

Vintage Haori Unisex Short Black Silk Kimono Jacket


Vintage from the 1950s

The Haori is a traditional Japanese hip or thigh length kimono-style jacket, worn over a kosode. Worn by Japanese men,the haori does not close like the yukata, but is worn open or kept closed by a string that connects the lapels. During the Sengoku period, sleeveless haori were worn over the armour, like the tabard was in Europe. During the Edo period, economic growth allowed the middle class to afford the haori, yielding laws against ostentatious display of wealth by all but the warrior caste; this in turn gave birth to discreet haori designs with lavishly decorated lining.

They are meant to be worn open to reveal a bit of what is worn beneath. These versatile little jackets have been up cycled and now make great party wear, or can dress up a pair of jeans....You'll find all kinds of styles - casual to formal and everything in between. And no one else will ever have on what you're wearing!

This piece is made entirely of silk, hand stitched and although the dramatic patterned lining was meant to be worn inside, I see know reason to hide the stupendous design! The tones of this are incredible and should be worn to show off! Right?

Measurements coming soon!

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