Vintage Guy Vidal Large Spiral Necklace

Vintage Guy Vidal Large Spiral Necklace


Vintage from the 1960s

Material: pewter

Guy Vidal was a well respected Modernist jewelry designer. Vidal's work began in the early 1960's, where he started creating his own unique jewelry. The first pieces were handcrafted and signed by him with a marker. His work is known to be quite unique in the way he utilizes different shapes and patterns which creates a deconstruct and construct design, which in other words can be called “brutalism”.

This outstanding piece of jewelry has a one of a kind look. It has different patterns all throughout the necklace. It is made out of plated pewter and has a gloss that allows it to be seen from a far distance. It is quite elegant and can be paired with any simple wardrobe. The necklace itself makes a huge statement and is great for any special event!

It is in great condition.

Around the neck: around 13 and ½ inches
Pendant: about 6 inches across, 2 and ½ down

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