Vintage Embroidered Baloch Afghanistan Dress Tunic

Vintage Embroidered Baloch Afghanistan Dress Tunic

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This amazing vintage Balochi dress comes from Afghanistan. The color of the dress is black with varied embroidered threads of gold, black, and off-white. It's got a tattered sensibility as it is a used, vintage piece ~ but then again, that's part of its unique charm! 

We carried them before and it's worth returning to them as they've always been adored by many! We just received a few via India! Did I say it was hand embroidered? It fits a medium sized woman with ample room in the lower half. The Baloch are a tribal society from the Middle East and their costume has a strong significance. The dress always has needlework and is a form of artistry. The dresses often have glass or mirrored pieces for a bit of extra bling reflecting centuries of tradition and culture. Each pattern on each dress varies and are unique therefore no two dresses are the same.

Measures at 16 inches across.

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