Vintage Blue Silk Handbag with Brass and Bakelite Detailing

Vintage Blue Silk Handbag with Brass and Bakelite Detailing


A proper blue bag that appears slightly sedate yet rocks with vintage style! The navy blue fabric of the bag is made up by a textured cloth, a fabric that was very much in fashion during the 1950s. This vintage handbag is secured shut by a clasp that reveals a boxy interior with two sides connected by a small pocket with a zipper. The clasp consists of bakelite that is curved to fit the top of the bag, and is connected with two short straps that are held together by a brass bracket. The bottom of the purse is flat, so it can stand on its own. All of the metal pieces of the bag are made up of brass, which compliments the navy blue color of the purse and gives off a classy vibe.

The style of this handbag is known as "simple day handbag" and was very popular during the 1950s. The fashion of the times dictated that accessories, like this handbag, would be worn with a matching outfit that also included matching gloves or hats.

Bottom- 8in x 3.25in
Height from bakelite clasp- 8.25in 
Straps- 11in
Sides- 8.25in x 3.5in (at the base)
Width of the bakelite clasp- 8in

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