Vintage Black Silk Kimono with Sage, Orange Pine Motiff, Red Cotton Lining

Vintage Black Silk Kimono with Sage, Orange Pine Motiff, Red Cotton Lining


The tradition of the Kimono began 1300 years ago when the Chinese long-dress was introduced onto the Island of Japan. For over a thousand years the Kimono has changed in unique ways unlike any other fashion on the planet. At their first introduction, the dress was dyed and colored in vast arrays of all the colors and symbols that nature provided for the artisans. However as the feudal kingdoms grew in Japan the Kimono's colors began to have meanings attached with them; what kingdom the samurai fought for, which villages and lords people were subject to. The Japanese viewed the changing of the kimono to be an evolution of their natural character and selves. The colors had meanings tied to locations, identities and philosophies, so when colors or symbols were changed the wearers felt the change inside themselves as well. 

By the Edo period (1603-1868) the kimono found its mostly final shape, pretty much what we have it today. This gown is a Homongi kimono, an informal wear for women and made from silk. Between 1905 and 1920 the largest export of silk ever from Japan occurred and many robes have been exported to and woven in the West using that japanese silk. 

This stunner of a piece measures from the shoulders to the hem, 62". The length of the Kimono sleeve is 28". The back measures 24 1/2", while the front panels measure 8 1/2" with the extra panels (sort of a collar) that go around the neck and fall below the chest, 4" apiece, total 25" across the front. Our model, Janette is 5'6" and normally wears a medium. If you were to wear an Obie it would be perfect, otherwise it's a bit long! If you need more photographs, I am happy to oblige.

The red lining of this exquisite kimono is pristine condition! As a vintage piece (I'm estimating that this Kimono was made in the 1920's) it's in wonderful shape. It might have been put away and never seen the light of the day. There is nothing like wearing a little bit of history!

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