Vintage Alfred Shaheen Boho Chic Long Sky Blue 1970's Dress

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Boho Chic Long Sky Blue 1970's Dress


Vintage from the 1970s

A classic from bygone days! The tag reads "Shaheen" California Hawaii, claiming to be a size 12 although I think it's a Medium. Hand sewn for Shaheen, there's a lot of details, the hem, both on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, sewn by hand. It's polyester, which, normally is not my thing, although it was very popular in the 70's. The pattern of the design looks like it was silkscreened on, which is what caught my eye! It has a very elegant bohemian elegance to it. I keep imagining a garden party? A cocktail party? A summer party?

Alfred Shah was a textile industrialist with a magnificent sense of vision. Shaheen began his career in Hawaii creating metallic dyes for his textiles and then moved on to garments. The clothing stands out for its distinctive color combinations, designs and cultural influences. Shaheen and his crew of artists were a diverse group influenced by the ethnic diversity of Hawaii and its was this diversity that helped create their unique designs.

The dominant color is a musty sky blue with paler blue, darker blue and a sort of sage green and white, accentuating the design. It is in puuuuuuusrfect condition and I'm still wondering if it was ever worn?

Measurements are 55 1/4" from shoulder to the bottom of the hem. 20" from armpit to armpit. 21" from shoulder to the triangular tip of the sleeves. The zipper is 23 1/2" long.

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