Vintage Alexander McQueen Seafoam Green Fairy Dress

Vintage Alexander McQueen Seafoam Green Fairy Dress


Vintage from before 2000

A stunner of a dress, this Alexander McQueen, almost vintage (2004) sea-foam dress is quite dreamy. Our model, at 6'1" (who usually wears Size 4) wears it well, although someone shorter could pull it off too! The label claims size 2 but it all depends, right?

Before the late McQueen was turning heads and pushing the limits of the designer world, he started off working for a tailoring shop on Seville Row in London. Soon after, he would enroll back to college and create a line for his culminating project inspired by the infamous Jack the Ripper. His roots for designing collections so out of this word comes from working for theatrical costuming designers Angels and Bermans. Famous artists from Lady Gaga to Sarah Jessica Parker walked down the red carpet in his eccentric designs and now you can strut one of his too!

The dress measures 15.5 across and 43.5 inches long.

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