Rustic Fine Art Greecian Ceramic Bowl by Bob DeWitt

Rustic Fine Art Greecian Ceramic Bowl by Bob DeWitt


Vintage from before 2000



There is so much to say about this handmade, ceramic bowl by renown artist, Bob Dewitt. The rustic, handmade quality with the nod to Greek ceramic bowls of bygone days is beautifully composed. The Satyr (half man half beast, with pointed ears and a tail) dances behind a horse, Nymph and yet another Satyr in classic Grecian colors, monochromatic in black, rust set against a sand color to emphasize composition, perspective and form.

The Greeks began painting in pictorial representations of gods, heroes, and mythic episodes as early as 500 BC. This style featured prominently in ancient vase paintings and the decoration of votive gifts and many other artifacts. Geometric designs on pottery of the eighth century BC depict scenes from the Trojan cycle as well as the adventures of Heracles. In the succeeding Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods, Homeric and various other mythological scenes appear, supplementing the existing literary evidence.

DeWitt typically creates one of a kind pieces in wood and rarely works in ceramic. Never the less, he ventured beyond his comfort zone to create a beautiful piece worth owning with all the classic expressions of Greek mythology including the loose graphic design that is hand painted on the perimeter of the bowl.

Signed by the master himself, Bob DeWitt.

Two minor chips on the edge of the bowl, creating a realistic anthropological dug treasure!

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