Recycled Reupholstered Victorian Couch in Shades of Blacks, Gray, Navy and Browns and Gold

Recycled Reupholstered Victorian Couch in Shades of Blacks, Gray, Navy and Browns and Gold


Everything about this beautifully reupholstered love seat is sexy and sensuous from its curvaceous back to the front, including the cabriole legs. The back is luscious kuba cloth; and the top cushion, plumped up with foam sandwiched by down, has a graphic velvet cut design; sturdy, yet soft and deliciously comfortable. If you flip the the top cushion, there's a wild surprise on the other side, more graphic cloth, large flowers in black, brown and beige ! And then there's cut silk velvet flowers on the back.

There eclectic textile choices include a heavy kuba cloth in black and cream. One of the outside panels in a luscious brown and black velvet damask the back panel while the front side has a small piece of Indian embroidered fabric encrusted with tiny mirrors. All the textiles echo tones that are used everywhere in the piece. The Japanese black silk obi, the navy, purple and black silk cut velvet are a visual mix-and-match feast that could only have been orchestrated by an artist with a keen eye. Yep! Alluring for an old fashioned courting chair, as they used to be called!

This is a whole new piece with great bones in new padding as well as its new custom created seating. Is not just an extraordinary looking piece but also an extraordinary love seat to sit on, this is comfortable with a "C" and definitely stylin! 

This love seat is covered entirely in luscious fabrics! When you look underneath, there's black and gold graphic fabric from the 1960's as well as when you lift the cushion. No stone goes unturned!

Measurements are 52" wide, 35" in height, 33" depth; the pillow seat is 23" in depth, 44" wide and 4 1/4 thick! And more photos are available!

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