One Of A Kind Lamp Recycled Textile Roll Printer

One Of A Kind Lamp Recycled Textile Roll Printer


This unusual lamp is textile cylinder printer. A roller or cylinder printer, introduced at the end of the 1700s, fed fabric through the printing machine. Each cylinder or roller applied one color of the printed design. And this amazing lamp was once a modern version of those cylinder printers! The bright yellow ink that was once used still remains (although it doesn't come off).

I found this and it instantly said "lamp". I had no idea what it's original use was but I thought the cylinder was gorgeous! it was a painting in cylinder form. It was sculptural, it was modern, it was intriguing? And once I was told what it was I was delighted as I'm a big fan of textiles. This is a one of a kind lamp, you'll never see another one like this! It's a statement piece!

It's tall, measures 37 1/8" total from top to bottom and needs a fabulous lamp shade which I'm so tempted to create but I think YOU should be the one to make the final decision! So the black base is 1 5/8"; the height of the roller is 23 1/4"; the length of the hardware is 12 1/4" while the diameter is 6 3/4".

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