Vintage Robert Larin Hinged Bracelet

Vintage Robert Larin Hinged Bracelet


Vintage from the 1970s

Material: pewter

This iconic piece of jewelry was created by the one and only Robert Larin. Larin was a Canadian Montreal designer who was passionate about working with pewter and other metals. This piece is from the 1970s and has his first and last name stamped on the back of the bracelet.

This bracelet is made out of silver toned oxidized pewter and has a modernist organic look. What makes this bracelet so beautiful is the delicate design. The shapes and textures make it interesting, unique and distinctively offbeat. It carries a pin with a chain closure, which allows it to fully close when put on. It would be ideal for someone with a small or medium size wrist.

It’s in wonderful condition!


across the opening: 4 and ⅜ inches
Width: about 1 inch

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