Mid Century Oil Pastel Abstract Art by Milton Hirschl

Mid Century Oil Pastel Abstract Art by Milton Hirschl


Vintage from the 1950s

An arresting piece of oil pastel by Milton Hirschl.  

I have found so many beautiful pieces of art where the signature is almost impossible to decipher! Luckily this one was relatively easy.  

Milton Hirschl lived from 1917 to 1999. Hirschl studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Paris and was know predominantly for figure painting and drawing. I am still researching who he was - he lived in Ohio and in California.

This piece needs to be studied, it is emotionally layered with haunting shapes and muted tones of green, browns with moments of a dim yellow and soft orange. The shapes seem to transmute as you look at it. I've re-matted it in a rough, sand colored textured linen, as was often used back 65 years ago. I've kept the same frame (it does have a few knicks on it), a soft, dark green which is also depictive of the times. Image #2 and #3 were taken without glass which makes it much easier to study the beauty of the piece. If need be, I am happy to send more pics!

The art work itself measures 14 inches in height by 22 1/2 inches wide. With the matting and frame it measures 31 inches 22 1/2 inches total!

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