Massive Vintage Mexican Ceramic Handpainted

Massive Vintage Mexican Ceramic Handpainted


Mexican pottery has a long history that started way before the Spaniards first came to the New World, when ceramics crafts originally advanced with the civilizations and cultures of Mesoamerica.

Once the Spaniards established themselves in the New World, new ways of making pottery were introduced to age old customs, which had dubious consequences on indeginous traditions. Depending on location, traditions were melded with new techniques and many old customs were replaced. Never the less, there is a wonderful tradition that still permeates the newer ceramics.

I have collected Mexican pottery for a very long time. I love them for a multitude of reasons, they’re handmade, they have historical content and they were a huge part of the everyday life of the working Mexican. It’s rich with heritage, both in Mexico and even here in the Southwest. Besides, it’s a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen! Rosa, who used to look after my daughter, was well versed with cooking with old ceramic pottery. She taught me how to make beans, salsa and rice ~ the basics, of course. Rosa was used to cooking with ceramic pots in her small village in the highlands of Oaxaca.

This gorgeous piece of pottery was irrestistable in part because of the size. As a standout piece in a collection, it’s unusual in part because it's so massive! Measuring at 13 3/4" at the base of the pot, 12" across the diameter and 6" high (without it's cover) ~ it commands a presence in any room. A creamy color with a light blue floral decor, it'll go in many different kinds of decor.

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