Large Vintage Buddha Lamp w/Original Lamp Shade

Large Vintage Buddha Lamp w/Original Lamp Shade


Classic Buddha head lamp from the 1950's ready to shed the light onto your life. With a substantial black base, this large gold toned Buddha head has the royal headdress of the Far East. The head has a lavish decor which includes it's head dress, which seems to twirl into a cornucopia at the top. The harp is shaded by its original shade, in gold and black. I've given the electrical chord a boost by replacing it totally with a classic vintage look, including the plug!

There is a symbolic significance to the Buddha’s elongated earlobes. In Eastern cultures, large ears are associated with wisdom and revered by others (think Lord Ganesha and in more modern times, Mahatma Gandhi). These are ears that are big enough to listen to all our tales of suffering. Magnanimity and compassion therefore are also qualities linked to such physical features and the Buddha was certainly the embodiment of these virtues.

Finally, there is perhaps, a message to Buddhists in those ears. Every human is a potential Buddha; as such we should remain open to the suffering of others.

It's noble, bordering on kitsch and if your in the mood, you can replace the shade with something else. If I were to keep it, I'd probably do a shorter shade in soft gold raw silk, perhaps with a thin black silk accent at the top and bottom.

It measures, at the base, 10" square, 9" in height - with an extra sloping 1/2" towards the head. The golden head measures 21" (Yes!!!), the exotic lengthy ears are 8" (just so you get the proportion). With the lamp shade it measures 48" in height!

If you need more pics, I'll be glad to send them.

Having sent many an akward and bulky piece here and yonder, I would send this via Greyhound. They are wonderful, fast and inexpensive, comperatively speaking. They will call you when it arrives at your local depot!

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