Henry Miller Poster

Henry Miller Poster


This is an original poster tributing Henry Miller by Jerry Kamstra. Kamstra is considered a beat writer who was an ardent admirer of Miller. The poster is dedicated to the memory of Henry Miller, who died in 1980, readings included Anais Nin at River Inn in Big Sur.

Henry Miller was an American writer. Known for breaking with literary forms. Miller developed, what was considered a new semi-autobiographical, confessional novel that blended character study, social criticism, philosophical reflection, surrealist free association and mysticism. Miller's most famous if not infamous works are Tropic of Cancer (1934), Black Spring (1936), Tropic of Capricorn (1939) and The Rosy Crucifixion trilogy (1949-59), all of which were banned in the United States until 1964. He also wrote travel memoirs and literary criticism, and painted watercolors and litho's.

The poster was created by Kamstra and can be found on his Facebook page for reference! He sells them for $200.00! So it's quite the bargain here at Hunter Gatherer. The size of the poster is 22 x 17 and it's in excellent condition!

Although the poster is in a tacky frame for safe keeping for the time being ~ I will have it rolled gently in tissue paper and mailed in a long box for the sake of safety and archival purposes when purchased and shipped.

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