Folk Art / Sculpture / Head made from a Tree

Folk Art / Sculpture / Head made from a Tree


Vintage from before 2000


straw, wood

This is a wild piece of true folk art although I have no idea where it came from. Made from a piece of tree, it must have suggested a face to the original creator! On careful inspection, the face has been carved from this one piece of wood and then sanded down and lightly varnished. The dreads are made from what looks like straw and was applied with glue. The back has a metal screw, with wire so that it can extend - to hang on a wall. The screw cannot accommodate a wall hanging without the wire.  

Strange but kooky, it is, of course, one of a kind sculpture, folk art made from natural materials.  

It measures 13 1/4" in length. 

The signature is M. Alim 09, or is it 69? - which could imply it was made as recently as 2009! Or 1969?

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