Cloth Patchwork Cat Doll Purse

Cloth Patchwork Cat Doll Purse


Wha? The sweetness and charm of a cat doll! This doll has dual functions. Not only is it a good play or collectible item, it can actually be turned inside out to become a purse. The vibrant colors and designs really make this well-suited for young girls, or for any doll collector. 

Like a puzzle, it is fun to fiddle around with to try and figure out how to turn it into a purse! All you need to do is flip the doll over, face down, and unzip the zipper on its back. Just simply take out the fabric and flip the doll into the fabric as it naturally undoes itself into a well-functioning bag!

Width (the waist) : 3 3/8"
Height (from tip of ears to tip of tail): 18 1/4"

Doll face width: 3 1/4"
Doll face height: 3"

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