Brutalist Guy Vidal Rectangle Pewter Brooch

Brutalist Guy Vidal Rectangle Pewter Brooch


Vintage from the 1960s

Materials: pewter, brass

Guy Vidal was known to be a well respected Modernist jewelry designer. His work started out in the 1960s-1970s where he started creating his own unique jewelry pieces. The first pieces were handcrafted and signed by him with a marker. All his work is known to be quite unique in the way he utilizes different shapes and patterns which creates a deconstruct and construct design, which in other words can be called “brutalism”.

This simple yet exquisite brooch is perfect for any attire. It is made out of plated pewter and brass. The brooch is small and can be used for anything. It has different textures all throughout it and a brass little ball in the middle to serve as a touch of detail. Like all his pieces, it has has Guy Vidal’s hallmark/signature in the back of the brooch.


Length: 2 and ½
Width: ⅞ on its highest peak

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