Antique Hand Carved Wooden Elephant Saddle Chair with Hand Woven Textile Cushion

Antique Hand Carved Wooden Elephant Saddle Chair with Hand Woven Textile Cushion


When I found this chair, it was painted an awful, dull brown and had a cheesy leopard print cushion. It had been sitting on the porch for the last 20 years gathering dust, dead leaves and cobwebs. I took it to the showroom, considered all the possibilities and the next week had it sandblasted! I then varnished it with a flat varnish and after some deliberation, chose a beautiful, handwoven, unprocessed cotton Bogolan mud cloth textile from Mali, West Africa. I love the hand stitching on the cloth - the weaver uses a small back strap loom and then stitches the narrow pieces together. 

I was told that these chairs were once made for straddling elephants! Which now makes sense! It was originally used to transport dignitaries and royalty on the backs of elephants. And although the width of the legs are wide enough to embrace the back of the elephant, I rest easy that the chair can now offer a stunning, bohemian aesthetic instead of burdening an elephant, which are clearly not beasts of burden! 

Abundantly detailed with pierced carving, the chair comes with a 4 inch thick cushion and will soon have matching bolsters. Made of teak wood, there is a hand carved Thai Buddha in the back rest. Over the course of a lifetime, the seat cushion and bolsters can be exchanged according to mood, needs and other interior decor factors. It's such an inexpensive method to changing the color scheme.

The measurements are 34" wide x 36" high at it's highest point (the middle of the back of the chair). It's depth is 25".

There are several ways of shipping this piece. We can do the White Glove Special or for half the price, we can send it via Greyhound - all wrapped up, of course, and arriving at your local Greyhound depot quickly! Please convo to figure out specifics depending on your zip code.

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