Reupholstered Recycled Plush Pink Chaise Lounge with Vintage Mix and Match Textiles

Reupholstered Recycled Plush Pink Chaise Lounge with Vintage Mix and Match Textiles


Once again, a reinvented, recycled, reupholstered seating for the chic modern human being!

Everything about this beautifully reupholstered chaise lounge is dreamy and lush from the hand carved hearts on the backside of the arm to the soft pink velvet piping!

The back arm is a luscious pink and silver cotton Japanese Obi; and the seating area, plumped up with foam sandwiched by down, has very modern pink and silver velvet like material that is toooooo die for; sturdy, yet wonderfully comfortable. At the foot of the lounge a textile from the 1940's, pink, grey and white scroll used to pump up the volume, quietly! The back is covered with a luscious if not downright girly pink velvet, soft but I assure you, not delicate! Chosen to withstand the test of time! The back of that dainty pink is a fun soft yellow and pinkish plaid just to remind you that there's always two sides two every piece, at least with us! 

The eclectic textile choices include a hearty cotton Japanese Obi, the pink velvet, the plaid and the 1940's scroll used as a visual mix-and-match feast that could only have been orchestrated by an artist with a keen eye. Alluring and slightly unpredictable for an old fashioned, outdated chaise lounge.

This is a whole new piece with great bones and new padding as well as its new custom created seating. Is not just an extraordinary looking piece but also an extraordinary chaise lounge to sit on, this is comfortable with a "C" and definitely stylin! 

The measurements are as follows:
58" long from front to back.
24" depth.
28" at it's highest.
22" back armrest.
15" high seat.

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