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Hunter Gatherer

Vintage Handmade Primitive Folk Art Rag Doll

Vintage Handmade Primitive Folk Art Rag Doll

This is one of 5 dolls that I found stashed away in Ventura county. Whether they were made by the same person or not is difficult to discern, although I suspect they were. All hand sewn from bits and pieces of odd cotton cloth and lace, stuffed with god knows what, its beauty is in its simplicity and whimsical combination of chosen materials.

Although I never played with dolls as a child, handmade rag dolls held a fascination because of their primitive and unpretentious qualities. Perhaps because they differ in regard to the culture that invented them, their purpose, imagination of the doll maker and fashion of the moment. Historically dolls have been thought to be one of the oldest of toys although there were multiple purposes for dolls. There is also archaeological evidence that dolls were the oldest known toys and were used in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome; often made from bone, ivory, clay, stone, leather or wax.... Primitive folk dolls have a strange magic all their own and this one too has wonderful magic to it.

The details of this wonderful, little creature are precious. For example, note the stockings! I am happy to provide more photos, if need be.

This one measures 11 1/2" from the top of her cap to the bottom of her feet. Her face is 1 1/4" across in diameter and those short skinny arms measure 2 1/2" in length.
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